Charlton DeArman-Simpson

DiMatteo and Associates

“The Truth of the Matter”

P.O. Box 3385

Beaumont, CA 92223

951) 314-5882


OBJECTIVE:  To obtain full-time or part time employment in the field of private security (personal, event, domestic and international), fugitive recovery and private investigations.

QUALIFICATIONS:     I am a personable, man-of-action who is always willing to go above what is expected of the job description.  My previous evaluations states that I  serve as “an excellent example for his fellow deputies, by the way he maintains his physical condition,…he is a team-player and mentor, looked upon as a trouble shooter by his supervisors.  He consistently makes intelligent decisions and sound judgments while in the field.”  I excel at adapting to any situation, changing appearances and blending in with the elements of under-cover work to accomplish assignments.  

I am a Licensed Private Investigator who specializes in executive protection, background investigations, criminal defense, surveillance and judgment recovery.

I am experienced at the apprehension of fugitives, which reduced forfeitures and ultimately resolved cases.

I served as Executive Protection for Theodore Obiang Nguema, Mbasogo, Minister of Interior, Equatorial Guinea--Malibu California--Son of President Nquema, Equatorial Guinea, Africa.



1989-1991  Associates Science, Chaffey Community College   

1989-1991  Certificate in Correctional Science, Chaffey Community College    

1991-2003  26.20 semester units of continued education in Criminal Justice, San Bernardino Valley College



2004-Present   Licensed Private Investigator, Charlton DeArman Investigations and Elite Secure Options (Owner)

2006-Present   Executive Protection for the Minister of Interior of Equatorial Guinea

2005-2008 Investigator/Fugitive Recovery for California Surety Investigations

1991-2003  Deputy Sheriff, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

1996-2003       Active patrol officer

1999-2002       Support of Patrol Unit (Handled civil disputes and criminal investigations, “trouble shooting” for the city of Rancho      Cucamonga.)

1999-2002 Bicycle Enforcement Team (Public relations position, one-                                                           on-one with the public in any specific area in the city.)

1994-1996 Classification Officer/gang specialist at West Valley       Detention Center (Classified and housed 100-500 inmates Each eight hour shift.

1992                Earned Basic Post Certificate

1999                Earned Intermediate Post Certificate

2001                Earned Advanced Post Certificate

Complete list of certificates are available upon request from San Bernardino County Advanced Officers Unit.  References available upon request.