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People Search:

There are no People Search sites online today that can provide 100% accurate results, whether you are checking on potential employees, nannies, a blind date, a neighbor, lost friends or relatives, or a suspected criminal.

These sites gather data collected from many different sources. These sources include government agencies, banks, as well as many other private sources. Some sites update their databases regularly, while others are updated only a few times each year.

Over 80% of online People Search sites will not deliver correct information. Furthermore, many sites use the “Shotgun” approach, and provide volumes of information that do not relate to the person(s) you are looking.

As Licensed Private Investigators, we have access to specialized databases that provide more accurate information than sources available to the public.  More importantly, we have the ability to “Verify” information obtained in these databases to ensure that the information that you receive is accurate and up to date.