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 July 24, 2008


Letter of Introduction and Recommendation Re: Mike Di Matteo


I am writing this letter in support of Mike Di Matteo, a  licensed private investigator who  has worked with me for the last year, and is now looking to expand his business.  I am a local criminal defense attorney with eight years experience both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.  I currently manage a very busy criminal defense practice in San Diego. I handle all types of criminal cases, from serious felonies to the basic traffic ticket. In addition to a law degree I also have a master?s degree in forensic investigation, and investigative experience myself.


Mr. DiMatteo is an exceptionally skilled and thorough investigator.  He has over twenty eight years of law enforcement experience as both a patrol officer and a detective.   He has worked with me on complex felony trials as well as more routine DUI cases.  He is tenacious in following his leads and getting to the heart of a matter.  He is both creative and circumspect in his approach to case analysis and investigation. His work on one of my recent jury trials directly contributed to a hung jury.   


His investigative reports are thorough and exceptionally well thought out.  As an attorney, I have reviewed thousands of investigative reports.  I place Mr. DiMatteo?s reports as some of the best I have had the opportunity to review.


Mr. DiMatteo has a pleasant demeanor and easily builds rapport with the clients.  They respond well to his thoroughness, his sense of humor.  The feed back I get from the clients regarding Mr. DiMatteo is always glowing. This assists me greatly in building the clients trust and confidence.


Finally, Mr. DiMatteo has an outstanding work ethic.  He works his cases thoroughly and completes his assignments on time or in most cases ahead of schedule, with excellent results.


I would highly recommend Mr. DiMatteo for any type of investigative work.  You will NOT be disappointed.


Very Truly Yours,


Judy Ellis, Esq.



Shelly H****** August 22, 2008

1*** E******

Santee, CA 92040

 To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Reference letter-Michael A. DiMatteo

The purpose of this letter is to provide a personal reference for Mr. Michael DiMatteo whom I have known for a couple months.

I first met Michael when he was hired by my Attorney Mr. Steven Martinez, to investigate an incident in which my fianc?Travis P****** was erroneously named.

Michael DiMatteo went to work investigating and questioning everyone involved, including witnesses, the arresting officer as well as the Detective in charge of the case. He works tirelessly running down clues and questioning the alleged victims, whom by this time were in jail for copper theft. He not only reported all his finding?s to my attorney but also kept me abreast of everything as he was uncovering major discrepancies in the testimony of all involved, he explained everything in regular laymen?s term making it easy for me to understand. He kept exceptional notes and recordings of all contact with everyone involved.

He was so thorough that upon completion of his investigation my fianc? Travis P****** case was dismissed by the DA. I truly feel if it weren?t for Michael?s tenacity and thoroughness my fianc?could possible still be erroneously in jail.

I would highly recommend Mr. Michael DiMatteo to anyone who might need his impeccable Investigating Services, known to me as DiMatteo and Associates, "The Truth of the Matter", California Licensed Private Investigator.


Shelly H******


January 26, 2009

Hi Mr. DiMatteo

My son Michael B****** was arrested in May of 2006 for terrorist Threat. He was accused of sending treating emails to his ex Wife.

I believe if I hadn't Hired Michael DiMatteo, my son would not have had the outcome he did. My attorney was not that helpful. Mike dug into my son's computer and proved that he did not do this crime.

Thank you Michael from the bottom of our heart's


Cheryl *** P*****

(Michael B****** Mom)


November 18, 2009

    Hello Mr. Mike ,

How are  you, I am writing  this to you to say thank you for everything you have done for me. When I met you I didn't have had any hope to find my daughter ,but you showed me the way to find my daughter with the help of law enforcement agency. I didn't had any money to hire a private detective and the law enforcement told me that they can not do anything for a runaway, where as she was missing. When I talked  to you ,you told me where to go and what to do because it is the job of law enforcement agency to help me .I followed your instruction and it was done. You knew that I didn't have any money and you never asked for any either. You helped me as much as was possible for and I do appreciate that. You came as an angel to help me .Thank you for everything and I do recommend everybody to take the help from you because you have the knowledge and passion to help people. God bless you.

    Thank You,
    Mrs. Mour     



August 29, 2010                  "Can't Thank You Enough"

Thank you so much for a Job well done. Your outstanding investigative skill is a

asset to any law firm. You are instrumental in the dismissal of the criminal

felony charges. Your performance is note worthy. I am so grateful for saving my