1.  People Search:

There are no People Search sites online today that can provide 100% accurate results, whether you are checking on potential employees, nannies, a blind date, a neighbor, lost friends or relatives, or a suspected criminal.


These sites gather data collected from many different sources. These sources include government agencies, banks, as well as many other private sources. Some sites update their databases regularly, while others are updated only a few times each year.


Over 80% of online People Search sites will not deliver correct information. Furthermore, many sites use the ?Shotgun? approach, and provide volumes of information that do not relate to the person(s) you are looking.


As Licensed Private Investigators, we have access to specialized databases that provide more accurate information than sources available to the public.  More importantly, we have the ability to ?Verify? information obtained in these databases to ensure that the information that you receive is accurate and up to date.


2.  Surveillance:

Surveillance is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks that investigators frequently perform, especially due to increased public awareness of surveillance practices after the events of September 11th.


We are highly trained in domestic, civil and criminal surveillance. Our investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and video equipment, and advanced communication capabilities for observation and documentation of evidence.


Our investigators have years of law enforcement experience and pride themselves on their discretion and confidentiality.  Classified investigations are conducted to substantiate or disprove alleged disability, misconduct, infidelity or criminal conduct. Observations made during surveillance are executed to present the most convincing evidence in a court of law, or to agencies such as Child Protective Services, insurance companies, or employers.


If you suspect your partner of any type of misconduct, do not agonize over your suspicions. Allow us to help you put your mind at ease. Within a very short time, you will know that your partner is innocent of any wrongdoing, or you will have the proof to confront him or her about inappropriate actions.


3.  Cold Case Investigation:

Cold cases and heinous crimes for which no suspect is apprehended in the first few days or weeks after the commission of the crime have, long been the bane of the criminal justice system. In recent years, cold cases have become increasingly well publicized resulting in the avid interest of the general public.


We can provide expert assistance in reviewing previously unsolved cases, and have demonstrated exceptional ability in bringing closure to high profile criminal and civil cases that have not been finalized using other conventional means and methodologies.


Do you have a case that remains unsolved or unresolved?


4.  Background Investigations:

Background checks or background investigations involve the process of looking up and compiling criminal, commercial, and financial records (in certain instances) of an individual.


The amount of information included on a background check depends on the sensitivity of the reason for which it is conducted.  For example, someone seeking employment at a minimum wage job would be subject to far fewer requirements than somebody applying to work for the a governmental agency requiring a security clearance.


Information gathered during a background check includes, but is not limited to:


Litigation records


Citizenship, immigration, or legal working status


Driving and vehicle records


Employment records


Military records


Education verification


Character reference Checks


Identity and address verification


Credit history (in certain situations)


Criminal history reports



5.  Internet Investigations:

The study of cyber crimes can be one of the most complex topics facing the society today and requires a multidisciplinary approach supported by technical expertise that was not needed with traditional investigations.  In this innovation age that we now face, we now have to include engineering and technology to assist investigators. 


Digital technology has opened the door for various areas of criminal activity.  The most prevalent are intrusions within government and private sector computer systems.  Denial of Service attacks are a hackers dream and the use of the internet has warranted more pornographic activity as well as giving criminals added stalking capabilities.  Credit card information is easily compromised and so are individuals? identities and financial history.


Michael DiMatteo has years of experience investigating Internet crimes including financial crimes, identity theft, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, the distribution of child pornography, and the investigation of Crimes Against Children.  Mr. DiMatteo has used the Internet to prove or disprove crimes not traditionally associated with the Internet, including the crimes of rape, assault, filing a false police report, child stealing, adultery, witness tampering, and drug violations.


Mr. DiMatteo has extensive experience in the in conducting computer forensic investigations, and works closely with computer forensic professionals.


The Internet is a powerful tool, and most people assume that they have a high degree of anonymity.  A huge amount of information is available from the Internet that can assist in the investigation of your case.  



6.  Criminal Defense Investigations:

The police, and other agencies such as Child Protective Services, can be of great service to prosecutors when it comes to finding witnesses to a crime and to following the evidence to a suspect. However, there is often key evidence missing or witnesses that have not come forward. 


A private investigator serves an important role in a criminal defense investigation by finding witnesses and evidence that will establish reasonable doubt ? that will show the jury that there is reason to believe that the defendant is not actually responsible for committing the crime.


Once there is an understanding of the case in question, the private investigator will go over all of the materials that the defense team has received from the prosecutor.  The private investigator will go through routine reports from the police, everyday paperwork as well as copies of evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements related to the case. The goal of this is to determine whether there are any inconsistencies from one witness to the next or between the conclusions drawn and the evidence.


In addition, a private investigator may re-visit the crime scene to see if there was anything that had been overlooked. He or she may also interview witnesses to see if their stories have changed or to verify that they do not have anything else that motivated their statements against the defendant.


Inconsistencies and ulterior motives that a private investigator discovers during the course of a criminal defense investigation may be able to be used as a part of the client's defense. Similarly, if during the course of the criminal defense investigation a private investigator discovers that there are other witnesses who had not come forward or evidence that was not considered previously, he or she can then look into these developments further.


During the course of a criminal defense investigation, a private investigator can help to ensure that an innocent client will not be found guilty ? all without taking away from a defense attorney's busy schedule. In other words, bringing a private investigator into a criminal defense investigation, defense attorneys are able to focus on the court system while a private investigator conducts the investigation.


7.  Family Law Investigations:

If you suspect a cheating spouse, a private investigator can investigate the situation for you using a variety of techniques to substantiate claims of infidelity. Some of the evidence collected can include photos, video, hotel bills, witness interrogations, recorded conversations, and computer files. In at-fault divorce states, a spouse who sues for divorce due to marital misconduct typically is awarded a greater portion of the marital property.

In no-fault divorce states, community property is to be divided evenly between husband and wife. In some cases, however, one spouse may attempt to hide assets to avoid splitting them. A Private Investigator can investigate finances and discover hidden assets such as private bank accounts, unreported income, travelers' checks, false payments, retirement accounts, and more. A divorce investigation may be necessary to prove that your spouse squandered marital property and should not be awarded half of what remains.


Not to be confused with a court-ordered child custody evaluation, in some cases one parent may hire an investigator to gather evidence to prove or disprove that a parent with custody is unfit. Conditions that might render a parent unfit include physical or mental abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, and exposing children to danger or an unhealthy environment. An investigator may also gather evidence to prove or disprove allegations of inappropriate conduct by a party in a family law matter. 


Once a child custody private eye has accumulated sufficient evidence, a parent can petition to care for the children.